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How to decide whether you should add on to your current home or sell it and buy a new home?

Author: Lauren Nemeschansky
Real Estate, Buying a home
Real estate, remodeling your home, Santa Clarita, real estate agent

Many residents of Santa Clarita are trying to decide based on the current Santa Clarita real estate market conditions whether or not to add on to their current home, or remodel it or if they should purchase a different home. There are questions to consider before making a choice between adding on to an existing home or buying a larger home.

Is there money available to add on or remodel the current home? Will you be able to get the needed money through either a loan or cash in the bank? Are there any zoning restrictions that may limit the extent of the addition to the home? Are there homeowner Association rules that may limit the extent of the addition? Many areas of Santa Clarita restrict how close the home may be expanded to a hillside slope, or a neighbor’s adjacent wall. Some HOA’s restrict the home addition from obstructing the view of the neighbor’s house, I have heard of this occurring in areas of Valencia,Stevenson Ranch, and some newer neighborhoods of Saugus and Castaic.

Consider if the Yard or lot is large enough to accommodate an add on? Would the base of the house support a second story? What type of building permits would be required to do the remodeling and additions? How extensive would the requirements for the permits be?

What is the amount of mortgage loans still owed on the home and how much equity is in the home or lack of equity? What type of houses to buy and what price of homes to buy are available in Santa Clarita that would already have those additions or remodeling type of changes present and built into the home?

Are there Santa Clarita homes for sale that you could purchase that would meet your needs and desires as well if not better than if the remodeling and additions were made? Could you afford to purchase one of the homes that are for sale? Could you afford to sell your Santa Clarita home without taking a loss? There are homes for sale of all different sizes and styles in Santa Clarita, Canyon Country, Newhall, Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Saugus and Castaic. Many of those homes may already have been remodeled and improved on by their current owners who now need to move and upsize or downsize their home.

It may be cost effective to remodel and add? Often times it may be more cost effective and convenient to sell your home and purchase a home that is already improved and remodeled? You also could consider a new home purchase for a new construction home. Many of new homes for sale in Santa Clarita can be customized when you buy a new home.

A cost comparison breakdown should be made to help you with that decision and as a local Remax of Santa Clarita Realtor, I can help you to do that breakdown and make that decision whether or not it is best to sell your home and buy a new one.

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